How Corrupt are Santa Clara County Superior Courts

How corrupt is Santa Clara County California Court?
The fact is when Whistleblower Cary-Andrew Crittenden reported corruption within Santa Clara County Government he had no idea how corrupt the system was. It all started with the illegal eviction of Heidi Yauman a  mentally disabled woman and the death of a Markham Plaza resident Robert Moss.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Detectives Samy Tarazi and David Carroll railroaded Northern California Community Activst. Corruption in Santa Clara County Superipr Courts

Full details of the death of Markham Plaza resident Robert Moss

Mr. Crittenden opened a hornet’s next exposing a huge corruption circuit which exposed several judges beginning with Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian. Several county lawyers and the district attorney appeared to be involved. All working together in a huge conspiracy to cover up corruption within the county of Santa Clara. Exposure of Bribery seems to be one of the things at stake here.

Deputy Public Defender Amanda Parks helps continue the fraud and cover up by refusing to follow up or acknowledge the “false police reports”.

Cases like this would not get further if everything was not based on lies and false police reports which no one seems to do anything about.

Further it exposes how Judges may be accepting bribery in the form of home loans. Imagine that banks are involved and huge sums of money change hands in the form or home loans.

The original story CAN BE FOUND HERE

It’s been going on for decades
How to Hide a Bribe
Judges Involved in Multiple Property Reconveyances
How to Bribe a Judge: Assistance With Debt Repayment
Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous Reprimanded For Taking Bribes and Perjury
Businessman who bribed Cook County commissioner gets 3 years in prison
Ex-judge said he took loans, gifts and bribes
2 bribed Miss. judges, lawyer get prison
Bribe Taking Judges To Face Sentencing
Judges tied to banks are Foreclosure Cases Rigged?
Appeals court upholds former Virginia governor’s convictions
California Code Speaks to Fabricated or Forged and Misleading Documentation: Where’s a Cop When you Need One?
4 Admit Bribing Bankers to Win Bids to Purchase Secondary Mortgage Loans

More on this injustice 

Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Justin Fernando

While most prosecutors are ethical and professional in every way, a variety of factors can induce some prosecutors to act in unethical ways.

Please add assistant district attorney James Leonard to database

The Center for Prosecutor Integrity is the nation’s only organization with a sole focus on enhancing prosecutorial ethics. The goals of the Center are to preserve the presumption of innocence, assure equal treatment under the law, and end wrongful convictions. (Add James Leonard to Prosecutorial Misconduct Database )

Santa Clara County Public Defender Molly O'Neal, Judge Socrates Manoukian and Sheriff Detectives Samy Tarazi and David Carroll

Cary-Andrew Crittenden Video:


Santa Clara County Sheriff Captain Ricardo Urena gave Detectives David Carroll and Samy Tarazi permission to file false police reports

EAH Housung Eviction Fraud Heidi Yauman | eahhousingevictionfraud

Death of Robert Moss Markham Plaza Apartments San Jose | California Government Reform Project

 Chicago Police Corruption | Metropolitan Police Corruption

 Police Corruption and Misconduct – History and contemporary problems | Metropolitan Police Corruption

 San Jose Police Santa Clara County Sheriff Corruption LAPD Rampart CRASH | California Government Reform Project

Silicon Valley’s Police Corruption Epidemic resembles LAPD Rampart CRASH Unit | Metropolitan Police Corruption

Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective Samy TaraziJudge Socrates Peter Manoukian - American's with Disabilities Act


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